Newborn Session Info

Preparing for your session:

Location- I will have all necessary equipment (i.e. blankets, bowls, baskets, headbands, and/or hats) all setup when you arrive for your session. I do ask that you not feed your baby right before you arrive. He will have already started his sleep cycle while in the car seat and will be woken when transferred to the appropriate prop. We will have plenty of time for you to feed him at my studio when you arrive. Feel free to bring along bottles or I will gladly provide a space for you to nurse your baby in as well.

Soothing- It is always nice to have a pacifier on hand. This will help me to sooth your baby in between poses. If you have chosen not to use a pacifier with your baby or they don’t seem to care for them, please be prepared to help me by having your finger ready for your baby to suck on. I will also have white noise / space heater on hand to help make your baby feel more comfortable. I do turn on the heater prior to your arrival and it can get quite hot (so please make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Layers are our friend!) This way when your baby is unclothed they won’t be chilled and get upset.

Outfits- I photograph all my babies in their birthday suits. Newborn babies just don’t fill out clothes properly. They are so much sweeter without being hidden in all that extra fabric. However, I strongly encourage you to bring along any special accessories like headbands/bows, hats, bow ties, etc. You may not care for what I provide and I might fall in love with something you have! So not only will your additions give us more to choose from but they will be unique to your baby’s photos.

Feeding- Please make sure you wait to feed baby at my studio. I will provide you a space of privacy for your feeding pleasure. Once your baby is happy and sleepy we can get started.
Diaper and Clothing- Please make sure that your baby does not have any clothing on or has on a loose zip sleeping pajama set. Having your baby in their diaper only will eliminate the need to undress them, thus waking and/or upsetting them. If a zip sleeping set is needed for warmth, this will be easier to take off than a onesie, once again reducing the risk of waking or upsetting them. Please have diaper loosely applied as well. This will decrease the need to photoshop out skin wrinkles made by the diaper edges.


Posing- I will be handling the baby and doing the posing. For the most part, the parents can sit back and relax. I may ask you to hold up a blanket or possibly help hold the baby in a certain position. I will begin by photographing your baby on my bean bag. I have a variety of blankets that I use for this time frame and they will be interchanged at times. By using the bean bag, I am looking for some great body shots and capturing your baby’s bits and pieces like his or her hands and feet. I ensure that your baby is always nice and cozy by placing a puppy pee pad under the blankets to catch any accidents and having the heater on nice and warm. After the bean bag poses are achieved, I move on to photographing your newborn in the props that you have chosen or provided and then on to any sibling and parent shots if requested.


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