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Earlier this month I submitted images into the Professional Photographers Of Canada’s Ontario Provincial Image Salon competition. My four, along with 156 other images from some of the greatest photographers in the province, were reviewed by a panel of highly qualified judges and a couple of days ago the results were emailed out to us. I was not sure what to expect, as I entered some very non-traditional, somewhat experimental and heavily Photoshopped images that are much different from the client work that I usually share. I decided to experiment with these images, not just to enter into the competition, but to challenge myself and grow as a photographer and artist. I am happy to say that the challenge and hard work paid off in a big way and 3 of my images were accepted into the Salon!



In Thin Air was created from flower image I had originally submitted for my botanical accreditation. The image was initially a white flower on a white background. While playing with the original image I accidentally inverted the colours and what I saw inspired me. It seemed like the flower was glowing hot with blue and purple flames. I worked with this idea and spread the petals out like flames and smoke tendrils.


In Thin Air – Experimental/Unclassified



The bridge in Break the Sky is the MacDonald Bridge in Halifax, NS. I took the original image way way back in 2007. This shot has always made me think of a scene from a comic book, and that is what I set out to create. I used a number of Photoshop filters and some painting/sketching in to keep and add details.






Sometimes I just like to swing my camera around with the shutter left open and see what happens. At Home Behind the Sun is one of those happy accidents where the trees I was swinging the camera around by had the perfect colouring of purples, greens and yellows. There was very little I felt I had to do to complete it but smooth and enhance the colours.

At Home Behind the Sun – Fine Art



A big thank you to my fellow PPOC members who helped me choose and perfect these images. You guys are the best!

~ Melissa

Lemonbee Studio is located in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Melissa is Nationally Accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada.
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